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Knowledge of silver

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In metals, silver has the highest reflectivity, reflecting the beautiful white light, which reminds us of purity, purity, moon and so on, and becomes a symbol of spirituality and spirituality. Silver helps to improve creativity, sensibility and supernatural power. The ancients said that health and wealth will be accompanied by silver, not only because of its precious metals, but also its higher medical efficiency than gold. Silver can be used to detect whether food is toxic, because silver can react with many toxins to make silver black and easy to identify with the naked eye.

Q & A

What is the difference between 925 silver and 999 Silver?

 I heard there are Thai silver, Tibetan silver, Italy silver and so on. What are the differences?

925 silver is "92.5% silver +7.5% copper", is an international standard; 999 sterling silver is 99.9% silver, called "foot silver", higher purity, more soft than 925 silver and easier oxidation, need the careful care of the wearer.

Most of the "silver" from Thailand, the cost is cheaper, generally can do the ancient flavor of ornaments, so more used in the retro process, suitable for rough and folk style. "Tibetan Silver" is not pure silver, and generally contains less silver. "Italy silver" is not necessarily produced in Italy, but its quality is assured, so the price is relatively high.

Why do you often hear that pure silver is less susceptible to allergies?

Because the allergen of pure metals is low, if it is the material of the alloy, adding a lot of chemical components during the process of making is likely to cause allergies and may further harm the health of the human body. Moreover, the material of pure silver will wear more and more bright, and it will also be well treated after oxidation, but the alloy will soon become black or rusty. The standard 925 silver generally does not cause allergic reactions, but because of the different physique of each person, if they feel uncomfortable after wearing them, please remove them immediately.

P.S:Sterling silver can test toxicity. Some people suddenly wear black after wearing silver, which means that the human body is acidic. At this time, they should pay more attention to work, diet and mood.

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