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Thinking Daisy Jewellery is a fashion jewellery brand founded by designer Daisy Chan. Founded in 2018, it combines ingenious craftsmanship and unique fashion expression. The brand name comes from "Think out of the box." It is also the central concept of the brand. Designer Daisy graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Hong Kong Art School and the Jewelry Design Department of the Hong Kong Baptist University. She loves nature, architecture, and art, so her works are inspired by this.

The brand focuses on silver jewellery. Each series contains the pursuit of beauty. Jewelry is no longer just a short-term fashion, but a carrier of emotion and resonance. At the same time, it also uses design to show everyone an attitude to life - breaking through the inherent frame, to live a different self.

The brand has three series: ZERO 999, SOUL 925, and Italian LOVE. Among them, the “MUSE” series of SOUL 925 is inspired by the designer's muse - the famous female architect Zaha Hadid, her architectural works are full of futuristic and streamlined architecture. The series design element is composed of overlapping curves of the building, combined with graphics such as color blocks, lines and triangles. With Italian frosted gold craftsmanship art to create a diamond-like sparkle effect. The top layer uses cold enamel technology to bring out an unique color, luster and texture. This outstanding work allowed Daisy to stand out in the Muse Design Awards & New York Product Design Awards & IDA Design Awards, the only Hong Kong designer who has won multiple international awards.


Thinking Daisy Jewellery believes that everyone is unique, with a different personality and temperament, and we expect to be able to help each woman create a unique style of self through the original jewelry. We pay close attention to every customer and provide exquisite jewelry with exquisite quality, fashionable design and ingenuity. We are committed to providing intimate shopping experience with rigorous quality monitoring and friendly customer service to provide ladies with the most appropriate accessories.

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Daisy Chan (CHAN KAN LAM) graduated from the Fine Art Department of the Hong Kong Art School, majoring in painting. Because of her passion and love for jewelry, she studied jewelry design at Hong Kong Baptist University and graduated with A-level results in 2 major subjects. She has been a fashion jewelry designer for many years. Since she wanted to break through herself and create more unique designs, she was found the THINKING DAISY JEWELLERY  brand in 2018. Daisy believes that jewelry is like a miniature artwork worn on the body, and its design purpose is to present beauty. Influenced by her artistic background, most of her works are deeply inspired by different works of art and architecture, incorporating color and line into her personal style, and abstracting things with images. The unique design shows everyone a kind of life attitude - breaking through the inherent frame and living a different self. Among them, the MUSE series of works have won a number of international design awards and received different media reports, and the works have been highly recognized.

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  • Awarded the highest honor PLATINUM WINNER of MUSE DESIGN AWARDS 2021, an international award in the United States.

  • Awarded the highest honor GOLD WINNER(1 PC) & SILVER WINNER (2 PCS) of NEW YORK PRODUCT DESIGN AWARDS 2021.

  • Awarded the SILVER WINNER of IDA DESIGN AWARDS 2021.

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From the design to the completion of the jewelry product, there are more than 10 processes, including making, grinding, polishing, etc. each of these steps should be carefully operated. Thinking Daisy's unique design of each piece of unique jewelry is the best material, made of high quality S925 and S999 pure silver, SOUL 925 series more K Gold jewelry making process and process, in which the Micro gold plating thickness is more than 20 times more than ordinary plating thickness, our jewelry set quality material, exquisite detail and perfect design In one body, you can deduce beauty, fashion and classic charm.



Whether it is the purchase of a ring, necklace or gift, the packaging service we provide can fully express your mind when choosing gifts. Even the most exquisite and delicate product of Thinking Daisy, we will package it up and finally put it in the gift box of our brand.

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